Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

Your big day just got even bigger! Give your soon-to-be bridesmaids the gift of delicious fizzy drinks and after tasting these flavors they will be screaming “YES!”. Whether the fizz is shared together for a ladies night or shared from a distance, these hard seltzers will create tighter bonds and tasty memories. Not only will you be connected through the special wedding day, this box will connect everyone through unforgettable tastes…What’s better than that? There is no better way to discuss wedding dresses, flowers, and all other plans than with a crafted hard seltzer in your hand. 

The best gifts in life are good times and remarkable flavors. Grab your box and unlock memories to be shared for a lifetime! We would love to see the smiles and cheers while enjoying these hard seltzers, so follow us on IG @hardseltzerboxco and submit photos to be on our Be My Bridesmaid spotlight!

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