Saturday Night Live LOVES Hard Seltzer Variety Packs

Who's Next?

Apparently, Saturday Night Live loves hard seltzer samplers as much as I do! JC Penney and Jiffy Lube dig them too! Who's next? Taco Bell? Wonder Bread? Ford? Quicken Loans? SpaceX? Home Depot? Lululemon?

What brand would you love to see come out with their own hard seltzer box of flavors? 😜

There might not be any JCPs in the 2021 Hard Seltzer Advent Calendar, but I promise you'll enjoy flavors like Mojito from Spyk'd, Peppermint Bark from Middle Coast, Blood Orange Hibiscus from Rio Fresco, and Lychee from Mizo! Is your mouth watering yet? 

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