Get Ready…Get Set…Get Sampling!

We have what you want, or what you didn’t even know you wanted! Two new Super Sampler Boxes are waiting to come to your doorstep. Trying something new can be scary, but there’s no need to worry here. With the help of our Taste Bud taste-testers, we have picked the most perfect flavors for our boxes just for you!

In our Super Sampler Boxes, there are two of each mouth-watering flavor that will take your taste buds on new adventures! If you love one flavor, you get to enjoy it again, awesome right?! 

Now is the time to choose one or both Super Sampler Boxes, and get ready for refreshing seltzers that will add a little fizz to your day! 

Order Today: Super Sampler #1 and Super Sampler #2

Broaden your flavor horizons, share a drink, and cheers from Hard Seltzer Box Co.!

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